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Are X-Rays Safe?

safe dental X-ray showing top and bottom adult teeth and jawbone

Do you have concerns about the safety X-rays? We understand, but you don’t need to! Let us ease your fears about getting X-rays taken at the dentist and elsewhere.

What Are X-Rays?

An imaging test used by physicians to see bones and other inner structures, X-rays send a beam of radiation throughout your body, allowing your doctor or dentist to see softer tissues like muscles and fat, and your hard, dense bones. This process is painless and often very quick.

Why Are X-Rays Done?

Your physician will recommend you get an X-ray so they can check for a number of health issues. X-rays allow your doctor to check your abdomen for digestive tract issues, or even swallowed items. They can also check your chest for breast cancer, blocked blood vessels, an enlarged heart, and lung infections. Doctors might also call for an X-ray if they are looking for signs of arthritis, fractures, cancer, and osteoporosis. Your dentist uses X-rays to check for decay, small chips or cracks, problems with the jawbone, signs of wisdom teeth, and even tooth infections.

How Are X-Rays Done?

When you visit your doctor or dentist, an X-ray technician will take your X-rays. The technician will position your body to get the necessary views, sometimes using pillows or sandbags to help you keep the position. It’s important to stay still during X-rays so they can get an accurate and clear photo. The technician will also give you a lead smock that you can place over other parts of your body that don’t need imaging to reduce your radiation exposure. The results are often ready in a few minutes, but they can sometimes take longer if it’s a more complicated procedure.

Are X-Rays Safe?

While there is some concern about the safety of X-rays, they are both safe and necessary. Often, people have some concern about how much radiation exposure X-rays provide. While there is a correlation between repeated radiation exposure and cancer, an average X-Ray uses very low radiation, and the benefit from an X-Ray far outweighs the risk as it could be the difference between an early diagnosis and discovering an ailment when it is too late. If you are pregnant, however, tell your physician before you get an X-ray. Though the risk of radiation exposure to an unborn child is small, your doctor or dentist may consider alternative imaging options such as an ultrasounds.

If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to call us! We are dedicated to providing you with the best and safest care. And if it’s been a while since you’ve had dental X-rays, make sure to schedule your appointment today.

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