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Can My Oral Health Cause Acne?

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At Walden Square Dental, we work hard to educate our patients on the benefits of clean, healthy teeth. Often, patients are surprised to learn about how their oral health can influence the rest of their body. Research shows a growing number of links between oral health and other serious health conditions, such as heart disease, respiratory infections, and complications with diabetes. Recently, scientists have begun studying the relationship between oral health and acne. Read on to discover how the health of your mouth may be affecting your skin!

  1. Infection & Inflammation From Bacteria
  2. Researchers have noticed several cases where patients who had acne and an infected tooth experienced better skin once their infected tooth was extracted. It is likely that the same bacteria that causes an infection in the mouth can lead to the inflammation of skin, resulting in acne. Evidence indicates that limiting the growth and spread of these bacteria through proper daily oral hygiene can help clear skin.

  3. Toothpaste Residue May Also Be a Culprit
  4. Another link between your oral health and acne may come from a surprising source – your toothpaste! Be sure to wash your face after brushing your teeth in order to remove any toothpaste residue from the area around your mouth. Studies show that some of the chemicals in toothpaste can cause dryness, burning, irritation, and pimples, so be sure to rinse your face after rinsing your teeth.

How to Promote Cleaner Teeth & Clearer Skin

If the thought of developing gum disease or cavities is not enough to inspire you to practice a good preventive care routine, maybe the thought of clearing your skin will motivate you to do so. Brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes each time, floss each day, and ask our friendly team any other questions about how to improve your oral hygiene routine. Additionally, visit Walden Square Dental every six months for cleanings and exams—schedule your next appointment today!

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