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What Causes Bad Breath?

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Depending on the situation, bad breath can range from a temporary annoyance to a serious problem. Today, we want to a take a closer look at some of the common causes of bad breath and share some tips that can help you keep your breath smelling fresh and clean while on the go.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Unsurprisingly, poor oral hygiene is a leading cause of chronic bad breath. When you eat, bacteria in your mouth are hard at work breaking down food particles. If you don’t have a good preventive care routine (brushing twice daily for two minutes each time, flossing every day, and visiting our office regularly for cleanings and exams), acid produced by bacteria can develop into plaque or even tartar, a smelly substance that causes cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay.

Diet & Habits

Everyone knows that foods like onion and garlic are notorious for causing bad breath. Other common culprits include cigarettes and alcohol, so consider cutting back on these sneaky contributors and you will likely notice an improvement.


Believe it or not, dehydration is a common cause of bad breath. When your mouth is dry, food particles stick to your teeth more easily and the bacteria that feed on them have plenty of time to get to work. Increasing your water intake helps wash teeth and also can stimulate saliva flow for some extra cleaning power.

A Sign of Something Serious

If it seems that you have bad breath no matter what you do, it may be a sign of a more serious dental condition. For example, persistent bad breath can be a warning sign of gum disease – a serious condition that is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults.

During your next visit to Walden Square Dental, share your bad breath concerns with our team. We can help determine whether some adjustments to your oral hygiene routine might improve your breath or if additionally changes or treatment may be necessary. To ask us any questions or schedule your next appointment, call us today!

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